In interview, Rittenhouse disavows QAnon and says Lin Wood is insane

EH. This last president has emboldened this kind of behavior. Racists are freely racist now, including people in my family and others. Facebook won’t do shit about it. All I care about is not making my life harder for my mom until she either zeroes the cancer out or passes from it. After either of those (and honestly, it’s cancer, so it’s likely the second one) , I’ll dump these people. All I’m saying is that Rittenhouse didn’t need to say that, he definitely pissed off a lot of people on the right , and we’ll see what he does.


If my theory is correct, he’s doing it right. He can later claim that his public praise of BLM on one of the most BLM-hostile shows on one of the most BLM-hostile networks demonstrates that his opinions are sincere. He couldn’t care less about being praised by MAGA/QAnon/“you’re not hurting the right people” world; he’s protecting himself.


Well, I only knew this because my wife saw it mentioned by her family and mine that does watch Tucker. I definitely don’t, and most of us leftists I know don’t either. He’s not being invited to the channels or news outlets WE watch. So, I don’t really see a positive for him making this statement. Only negatives. We won’t believe it, and at least the people I know on the right absolutely believe it and think he’s a bad person for supporting BLM and Antifa. (Even though he never said anything about antifa) So I dunno. Shit’s wild.


Just a quick visual reminder…


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And yet, if he was found guilty they wouldn’t have claimed the robot was the one going to jail.

I wonder if he can use the “robot defense” to still get a job as a congressional aid?


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Yeah, hell, even the KKK for a number of recent decades has insisted it isn’t a “racist” organization.


Their argument is that they don’t “hate” others, they just love the white race… ignoring how the whole idea of sorting people into “races” is racist in the first place. They want people to preserve racist structures while seemingly like they are not actively racist. Rittenhouse making these kind of comments only furthers their agenda… if he’d expressed real remorse and said he understood how his actions hurt BLM, that might have gotten under their skin, but he didn’t do that.


First Robot-American in politics?


“We fired him because of who he is as a person…because he’s insane.” said the murderer.


Oh please! that is disgusting beyond words and I’ve got eye anxiety from looking at it and fearing what might be next. I suspect you are immensely pleased with yourself for finding such a gross picture. And well you should be because that is beyond disgusting


Came here to see if this had been said yet. Exactly! He got coached all the way through the trial, and needs to get out of the spotlight until the public finds a distracting squirrel. He at least appears not to want to limit his future to working for the far right end of the employment spectrum.


He has the arrogance to complain about being in prison for 87 days… after he got away with killing two people.


I find myself unable to watch a lot of the videos with Kyle R speaking - does he / how much does he express any kind of remorse at having ended two loves, however necessary it may have been in his eyes? Does he ever, I don’t know, say he wished things would have been different?


Am I alone in always linking the name, “Rittenhouse” with the TV series, “Timeless”?

I guess it isn’t just that Rittenhouse was the name of the evil organization, either. There are other parallels with this sad story, too. Though I can’t quite put my finger on them.


The takeaway here is that even a murdering bastard lionized by white supremacists doesn’t want anything to do with freaks like QAnon or Lin Wood.


Honestly it doesn’t matter how much remorse he expresses. He appears to express remorse for the whole event occuring and says he wishes he didn’t go and that it had never happened. He says it was not how he wanted it to turn out, not how he expected it to go, and was upset and sad it turned out that way.

People who believe him believe him, and people who don’t , don’t, and nobody is ever going to really feel any differently about him no matter what he says or does going forward.

So yeah, he expressed remorse. Only he knows if he meant it.

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He says he wish it didn’t happen, yes. But he still hasn’t admitted doing anything wrong. That’s regret, not remorse.

It’s like a person who was involved in an automobile collision saying “I wish I hadn’t chosen to drive to work that day that other driver hit me.” No contrition whatsoever.


Not that it matters, but I’ve wondered if an ancestor’s name was changed from Rittenhaus.