In social media rant, Trump declares that he is mentally stable and "like, really smart"


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You might as well just turn off comments here. There really isn’t anything more to say.




“Crooked Hillary Clinton also played these cards very hard and, as everyone knows, went down in flames.”

(except for, like, beating you in the election. ahem)

Electoral college reform

I’m beginning to think that the narrative has flipped; it’s not Trump trolling the media to distract from the terrible shit he’s actually doing, it’s the media trolling Trump, distracting him from all the awful shit he meant to get done. Let’s hope it works.


He must be very super then.


I’m trying to imagine the person who finds Trump’s pronouncements on his intelligence and mental health reassuring.

“Oh my, apparently the President’s own inner circle is questioning his fitness for office!”

[REPORT: Trump announces he’s a “mentally stable genius” and “like, really smart.”]

“Ah good. That settles it then.”







I think we need A pep talk from the [other] Kid President.




“like”, therefore not “actually”, really smart?

it is so very strange, watching one’s civilization collapse


Not everyday, sometimes he shat himself because Clinton/Obama/Snowflakes. The mans a maverick, coming at you from all sides like a steven seagal ninja.


*Like an incontinent seagull.


I’m having a hard enough time trying to imagine the person who doesn’t see the tweet as powerful confirmation of the claims Trump is denying…


True story: at some point in the last six or seven hours, the President of the United States asked himself “how can I convince people that I’m highly intelligent and mentally fit for office?” and this was what he came up with.


Fake News, trump said I have the best analogies, a wonderful person with the best hair. CONNECTED!


This would almost all be worth it to see his expression when he realized his anti-immigrant rocket was about to blow up in his face.


And the subsequent tweet falsely claimed that he won the presidency in his first attempt, completely forgetting that he ran in 2000. But he has “one of the greatest memories of all time.” The greatest. All the smartest people agree.