Trump voter explains how she knows millions of illegal immigrants voted


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Just thought I’d toss out my craziness idea for the day, see if it sticks.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

I support this idea!! It’s not crazy, it’s going to be necessary for the next four years!


Necessity is the Mother of invention…


If millions of illegals did not vote, then how come Crooked Hillary thinks she won the Popular Vote? Everyone knows President Trump is the most popular! He won Homecoming Queen and everything! Pout!



Again, education is key. It is the Achilles heel of the Republican Party.

What is worse? Terrorism or the propaganda war being waged on low info America?


Hey, people who didn’t vote for Turmp / Brexit / etc! Let’s all bookmark this video and watch it before we next post something about how our priority should be listening to these voters.


Confirmation bias in action, I’d think.

One of the big lessons for me is that facts aren’t as important as allegiance.


I was going to post that Trevor Noah video from a few days ago of him saying the media should start calling out Donald & his supporters stating the media needs a ‘put up or shut up’ mantra when it comes letting these folks accusing people of stuff but, it sounds like they are starting to get that memo now haha


As a teetotaler, I’ll support that just for the bagpipe music!


I love how the old white lady is saying in regards to racism “If we ignore it, it will probably go away” because YES…thats always worked so well before. Ignoring Hitler worked out right?



It was funny before the election, bro.


I was going to post something but I just really don’t have anything positive to say about this clip or the people in it including the host - so Whiskey Truck!


These same people will tell you there are areas in the U.S. living under Sharia Law, they actually “know” it to be true. They’re simply people that have been fed bullcrap by fear mongers.

Also, that button holding on for dear life!


“We went to Nassau County NY and found the looniest Trump voters we could find — some with accents that’ll make you think you’re watching Long Island Medium, and then turned the microphone on.”

I think the lady in the middle there is the mom of half the people I grew up with.

“You know what I’ll tell ya something that’s been around foreva. you know, if you keep repawting on it it’s gonna grow like a cansa. if you fuhgettaboutit then it’s probably gonna go away but the media has to hawp on everything and it’s wrong-gah”


Obama wasn’t born here.
And he’s a devout Muslim.
Hillary killed dozens of people over the years, including Vince Foster.
Millions of people voted illegally. Millions.
The Pope endorsed Trump.

I know all of this because several of my friends shared it on facebook.

Schools should start teaching critical thinking. Maybe that’s a partial answer.


The threat of terrorism is also part of the propaganda war being waged on low info America, so you could argue the latter includes the former.

I think you’re right, though: education is the key. But it’s being infected with the propaganda, I think.


That’s not crazy…
There are entire states that are effectively under Sharia law… Pence would like to implement it on a national level.


I read on facebook that public schools are no longer in the business of education – they are indoctrination centers. Also the downfall of society can be blamed on the fact that god cannot be mentioned in school anymore.


Satire no longer makes me laugh and feel better. Sad!