In the 1990s, a Serbian biology textbook used a still from Raising Arizona for its cover art


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“What is wrong? Is good cover. Baby, mom, dad, all good biology. Nicholas Cage is, how you say, a demi-god like stallion.”



Well, at least it wasn’t an Intro to Photoshop textbook with that rough-ass polygonal lasso hatchet job…


“Nature, uh, finds a way…” used in this, therefore I must post it.




“I’ll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash you got.”

Should have been an Economics book. :thinking:


Nic Cage never ceases to surprise


“Biology and the prejudices of others conspired to keep us childless.”


Makes sense for a biology book: “She’s a flower she is”


“Mind you cut yourself, Mordecai”




Either this kid is a fantastic child actor or…well…he’s…uh…I’m sure he’s probably a fine actor.


Several months ago, my son attended one of those paid marketing research sessions where a company gets feedback about their service/product. The participants were shown a video the company had produced in order to recruit young people to try to sell their products. One of my son’s feedback comments to them was that their video probably should not have used a photo of Nicholas Cage from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” as their stock image of a fast food worker.

Clearly, whoever had produced the video had googled “fast food worker,” and had pulled (almost certainly illegally) an image of Nic Cage to use in their video. :smiley:


Makes a change from Gregor Mendel, anyway.


800 leaf tables and no chairs?! You can’t sell leaf tables and no chairs! Chairs, you got a dinette set. No chairs, you got dick!

I ask my wife, she got more sense!


Maybe they got confused and thought it was a still from Serbian director Emir Kusturica’s Arizona Dream


You clearly did something wrong while parenting. Why, oh why did your son tell them not to use the pic? He could have suggested to use it more prominently!

Fun aside, I guess someone at the agency producing that had fun, and quite normal hair.

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