The Making of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 – An enduring cinematic masterpiece gets a book worthy of its brilliance

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The novelty vertical aspect ratio ruins it for me. This is the book that wouldn’t turn its phone sideways.


Exact opposite for me. With all those pull out pages, what is not to love?


This is amazing. Must have this!

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It sounds like the ultimate 1970’s triple-gatefold prog album cover.


What is not to love? The creases down the foldout images; and the fact that many images appear to cross the spine of the book, making it impossible for them to be flat. A larger, landscape oriented book would have been preferable. They could even have stuck with the “monolith” idea and put the spine at the top of the book, so it opened like a pad (or could have had a really short spine on the other edge, but which might not work so well for stability and durability). Given that they are displaying images related to a widescreen movie, why would they choose the opposite aspect ratio?

(I attended the BBC wildlife photographer of the year exhibition at the NHM in London a few years back. The images in the souvenir book they were selling all crossed the spine of the book. I passed. In hindsight it might have been an anti-copying “feature” of the book. Cellulose DRM, if you will.)


I wish I could remember where I read it–and it’s probably collected in the book–but one of the matte painters was thrilled that they did such a great job creating a view of Earth from space…at a time when no one had seen Earth from space.

A few years later when the first real pictures came back he breathed a sigh of relief.


But is it 1.66" thick???


And then it should at least have a magnetic field of anomalous strength so you can easily find it when hidden.

edit: missed a word

Neodymium magnets along the spine, perhaps? The magnetometers in cellphones could find it nicely…

Thought… what about a display of the vector of magnetic field, in 3d via anaglyph glasses?

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