In the U.S. you can now report at-home COVID test results

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I certainly hope that Google is either less involved when you get to the actual data collection page; or also on board with the privacy policy; because the site is definitely chatting with them. At least the various social media icons appear to actually just be links, so Mark and Elon aren’t joining the party by default.


How is this news? this service has been available in the UK for over 2 years!!!


It’s news because this has been an uphill battle against a small handful of very loudmouthed idiots who are egged on by people with actual power (Red State Governors/Congresspeople/a president) and amplified by piles of propaganda bots on social media combined with a lot of “Meh let the states figure it out” and poorly timed decisions from the actual public health organizations that are exhausted and were pushed downward from the top.

We should have had this as soon as vaccinations and tests were rolling out because it should have already been in place for other pandemic/epidemic type scenarios but back to point 1.


The US is not the UK? :woman_shrugging:


Still, I can’t believe this was not rolled out earlier

These numbers would have been valuable at the beginning of the pandemic, when there was no vaccine and lockdowns were in force

Nowadays is useless

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yeah, I heard there was some kind of disagreement around 1775

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I don’t understand what your point about bringing up the UK when this is about the US, as we’ve had a problem with a strongly anti-government government up until the last election, who intervened in public health for political reasons - in addition to one party having a decades long campaign against any government run programs in general. Yes, you’ve had it in the UK, where you also have a functioning national health care system, which we do not have. Hence, the US not being the UK, so why bring it up, like we should be just like the UK? :woman_shrugging:

Yeah. Many of us, too. But this is what happens when you have years of one party telling their voters that “government is the problem” (which, BTW, you guys have that with the Conservatives, since at least Thatcher, but the NHS is so popular, as to be somewhat shielded).

Yeah disappointing but really sadly not surprising given the last… 40+ years and really where things accelerated in the last 6 or so.

And the numbers are still useful now, but in more of an aggregate/long tail sort of thing and less for immediate contact tracing. (Source: I literally work with getting data to people studying public health.)

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