Incredible 4K restoration of a Peter Gabriel-era Genesis concert

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Incredible. Thank you for sharing that. Gabriel-era Genesis has occupied a space in my heart since I was a little kid. Takes me back to the days when I was playing music from my older sister’s record collection in my parents basement.


“I haven’t seen a part like that since the Red Sea” - Moses


I’ve not had a chance to view yet - But how do those tracks fit into 38mins? Supper’s Ready is 23mins alone, Musical Box is 10.

I’m still disappointed there isn’t more footage of the final Gabriel era tour, “Lamb Lies Down” is their best album, and on the few bootlegs you can hear the band was hot.

It annoys me that the Grateful Dead are so well documented, but there are very few good recording of Captain Beefheart live with the Clear Spot era band. Again, I have a couple lo-fi boots and the band sounds so energetic through the murk.

Do they include Gabriel’s long introductions too? His spoken parts could be ten minutes long before the song even starts.

[ETA: they do not include his long spoken word parts, so that makes more sense time-wise, but there is about 5 minutes of interview at the end.]

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Looks gorgeous, but they edited out Peter’s stories between the songs! Those were a vital part of early Genesis stagecraft. The one I remember most vividly was at the reunion concert in the early 80s, when Peter confused the rest of the band by telling the wrong story for the next song on the set-list…

Not sure I was aware that Genesis was around that early. Pretty cool to see such a young Phil Collins, wow.

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Just watched the start (will finish it later) but this is awesome. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway is one of my all time favorite albums and any Genesis w/ Peter Gabriel album is well worth the listen. > 15 minute songs make for great travel music…

Finally got to watch it all the way to the end…excellent. I’ve had the chance to see a few Genesis big shows in person but would have loved to see this. Small venue, no crazy special effects, Peter Gabriel doing his thing…must have been great.

Wonderful stuff. If anyone has the chance, go see ‘The Musical Box’ - incredible French-Canadian early Genesis tribute band, their attention to detail is incredible:

Next tour sees them playing Lamb Lies Down in full - roll on January!


Looks like someone sneezed into their coke…
Phil looks like he is his underware… :scream:

Genesis pre 1979 or so was a completely different band, both in terms of sound and philosophy to what they were later.
In my view they peaked with “Wind and Wuthering” in 1976, then spent a bunch of years trying to figure out who they were, then peaked again with “Genesis” in 1983 (despite a couple of flat spots on that album) then became a mass-produced record company “product”.
I am however, a fan of 1970’s progressive rock and that might be a minority view.

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As others have noted, between-song commentary was edited out. I am sad that they only have the 2nd half of ‘The Knife’. That song is what got me into Genesis back in the '70s.
Would have liked to see some of Steve Hackett’s fretwork, as well. Most of the time you could barely see him.
Good video, though. I enjoyed it.

I see the demarcation as 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway".
Pre-Lamb, they were different compared to post-Lamb; of course Peter Gabriel left, etc, but to my ears they became a bit more pop oriented. Still good stuff.

I think ‘Selling England by the Pound’ was their peak. ‘Lamb’ is its own entity, and post-Lamb, they were, as you say, trying to figure out who they were. I can’t think of any real stinkers in the bunch until after Phil Collins left.

I concur. There’s at least two of us in the minority.

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I’m listening to “Tales from Topographic Oceans” as I type this

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