Peter Gabriel performing "Biko" with musicians from around the world

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I think his is my favorite Peter Gabriel song. I liked this whole album.


That was beautiful. I love when he pulls in world rhythms and voices; he proves that music really does unite all humans. My favorite PG song is Secret World, although there are plenty I also love.


The eyes of the world are watching… Let each of us lead with love and let that love ripple throughout the universe.

This made my eyes all watery :sob:


I love Peter Gabriel and his embrace of a wide spectrum of influences: sounds, causes, and the visual arts to say the least.

I am also fond of mentioning that the first CD I purchased with my own money was “So”. My favorite song of his is “Mercy Street”, but there are so many to love.


Peter Gabriel is the epitome of “eclectic”

I bought So on cassette back in the day. My favorite song from it is the most conventionally popular “In Your Eyes”. Its so ecstatic in the most classic sense of the word. There is a reason it is overplayed on Classic Rock stations. Its good. (Turns in his nerd credentials)

But my favorite deep cut is That Voice Again


Rats, I appear to have some dust in my eye…


I dropped out of school at 17 and, before starting a new job, remember taking the ferry across to Dublin listening to the album this track is from (Gabriel’s third self titled album, known as ‘Melt’ for the cover art). Went to visit uncles, aunts and cousins, first big trip on my own. Cassette player FTW!

Then sat with my cousin as she sang along to Nik Kershaw songs, and then listened to Gabriel’s “Home Sweet Home” off his second album… seriously, don’t listen to that if you’re in a dark place but it is in-fucking-credible.

(She later went on to win Eurovision for Ireland. Damn fine singing voice :wink:)


The beautiful thing about that song is touching the tragedy, weight, and transformation even without knowing the backstory.


PG is amazing. Even more amazing is PG paired up with Kate Bush.


The video for this song (and the song itself) is a masterpiece. Even though the tune is a pretty straightforward ballad, their performances elevate it to something special.



Or how about Peter Gabriel with Laurie Anderson!

Or Sinead O’Connor…

Or Elizabeth Fraser…


That was great, although I admit that I’d watching anything in this “cool musicians around the world collaborate on a song” genre for almost any song you can think of up to and including Rachel Black’s “Friday”


Yeah thank goodness you can’t blow out a fire and the flames just grew higher and now there are no more deaths in police custody. Cheers Pete, mate!

This is the last track on my version of So, which I guess isn’t normal? Either way I love it.

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It’s on the version I have, too… And it’s on Anderson’s album Mister Heartbreak…

Songs with Laurie Anderson is always awesome.

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There is a solo version of Blood of Eden in the film Until the End of the World.

It never made it to the soundtrack album (one of my all time favorite movie soundtrack albums)

Modern classic.

Though it’s the story of Biko’s murder, the metaphorical “flames” refer to the then rising anti-apartheid sentiment (in my interpretation of the lyrics), further fanned by the spreading story of the political hit job. (In case that makes you feel better about the song, DailyBongo. Cheers.)

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Leave it to Peter Gabriel to take a GREAT song like “Biko” and re-make it into something EVEN BETTER. Only the hands of a master could add Yo-Yo Ma and Angelique Kidjo so perfectly. Thank you!!

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