Incredibly dirty R&B: gloriously filthy music from the 50s


50’s? Shave em Dry was recorded in 1935, as far as I know. Bogan was dead by '48.

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Yeah thats definitely 30s from the sound and thats yeah… a bit more to the point than Bessie Smith.

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Hi! You’re confusing Cory’s headline with the body of the article — a chunk of the article is about the 1950s and the transition, but the quoted part is from tracing some of the history back decades before that.

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Let’s not forget the Asylum Stree Spanker’s reprise of Lucille’s Shave 'Em Dry

And their other work in the same oeuvre:

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I miss the Spankers, sigh.

This is new to me, and glorious.

Is her second line, “I got something between my legs that will make a dead man cum”…was that echoed by the Rolling Stones at the end of Start Me Up? EDIT TO ADD: the internet has already noted this. Short hop from Bawdy Blues to Corproate Jingle.

((I bring this up as someone who for a long time didn’t know that the Beatles had borrowed “Here come ol’ flattop” from Chuck Berry.))

And, given this is a @doctorow thread, the repeated echos of remix culture across time seems on-topic. And a wonderful thing.


I heard this in some random reddit thread a while back. I saw a comment that this song was for use in brothels, not for general consumption.

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Music hasn’t changed… Major LAzer- What U Like

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