Incredibly dirty R&B: gloriously filthy music from the 50s




50’s? Shave em Dry was recorded in 1935, as far as I know. Bogan was dead by '48.


Yeah thats definitely 30s from the sound and thats yeah… a bit more to the point than Bessie Smith.


Hi! You’re confusing Cory’s headline with the body of the article — a chunk of the article is about the 1950s and the transition, but the quoted part is from tracing some of the history back decades before that.


Let’s not forget the Asylum Stree Spanker’s reprise of Lucille’s Shave 'Em Dry

And their other work in the same oeuvre:


I miss the Spankers, sigh.


This is new to me, and glorious.

Is her second line, “I got something between my legs that will make a dead man cum”…was that echoed by the Rolling Stones at the end of Start Me Up? EDIT TO ADD: the internet has already noted this. Short hop from Bawdy Blues to Corproate Jingle.

((I bring this up as someone who for a long time didn’t know that the Beatles had borrowed “Here come ol’ flattop” from Chuck Berry.))

And, given this is a @doctorow thread, the repeated echos of remix culture across time seems on-topic. And a wonderful thing.


I heard this in some random reddit thread a while back. I saw a comment that this song was for use in brothels, not for general consumption.


Music hasn’t changed… Major LAzer- What U Like


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