Independence day listening: Smithsonian Folkways (and in DC, a live festival)

Hazel Dickens (center) performing in West Virginia. Photographed by folklorist Ralph Rinzler, who founded the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. The Smithsonian Folkways festival is under way here in Washington, DC, and will continue through the weekend. Well worth experiencing, and I plan to do so myself. If you can’t get here, however, Independence Day is a… READ THE REST

Excellent. For more class conscious music, check out

Hazel Dickens’ version of the old Joe Hill/Wobbly song “Rebel Girl” from the Smithsonian Collection “Don’t Mourn, Organize!” is the best version of that song I’ve ever heard.

Power to the union!

Can you link to it on YouTube, or elsewhere? The only Rebel Girl I know of is this one, and it’s wonderful.

I love it! But we are obviously talking about two completely different songs . . . :slight_smile:

Here’s some background on the version I was referring to: Follow the link to find out more about Joe Hill.

Here’s a you tube (audio only) of Hazel.

Finally the Wobblies are still around:

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