India: police will use pepper-spraying drones on protesters



I suspect a lot of these police would have gladly used these weapons against the Indian independence movement, because “mob,” because “law and order,” because “law enforcement.”


They might use them once or twice before they are gone forever. I bet even a ball-bearing from a slingshot will destroy one of those quadcopters without much difficulty, much less a gunshot.


And to think, it began with salt.


Does anyone really think the spooks in the USA don’t have drones that shoot poison compounds?

RC Jammer?
Counter Drone?
Net Sling shot?
Laser Pointers?

So many counter defenses available… really, for how long would this be effective?

Are you changing the subject? or did someone actually say the US does not have these?

nonviolent protest would seem a fairly viable option.

Oh, they usually wanted something a bit more peppy than a pepper spray…

You know, like .303 Lee-Enfield rifles and armoured cars?

The countermeasure is also at least as old:

Gandhi expected nonviolence to persuade the troops defending the salt factories to abandon violence.

It didn’t.

But violence couldn’t keep the resistance movement from making their own salt and evading the regressive tax/monopoly on salt.

And violence was really bad for propaganda, once reporters got the news out.


There was more to it too - they could get violent against a few thousand. Ten thousand? A hundred? A million?

At some point, you’re talking numbers too vast to be effectively suppressed. And there’s always the threat of actual violence in the background - if the Satyagraha fails, try dealing with the guerillas…

Anyway, it would be really hard for the Indian government to explain what they were trying to do if a thousand people voluntarily and peacefully walk into the pepper spray…


Have you ever walked voluntarily and peacefully into the pepper spray?

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I’ve never had 999 or more friends to do it with, usually they don’t tear gas us by the thousands here. But I live in a nation of a mere 350 millionish souls, yearning to breathe free.

And deny cops the fun of doing it in person?

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