Indiana Senator Braun is open to interracial marriage becoming illegal in the United States

I bet the Senator believes himself to be a good Christian as well.


Ah yes, let’s return to that much more just time when states rights were stronger and ::checks notes:: human beings were kept in chattel slavery because those in power were happy with that.

I’d say there’s a reason human rights shouldn’t be left up to gerrymandering authoritarians inside arbitrary political boundaries, but actually there are thousands of reasons.


Also, the slave owners were only devoted to states’ rights when it came to enforcing slavery, and didn’t mind them being limited when it came to the opposite. Nobody actually cares that passionately about what level of government people’s rights are decided by, only whether it will let them hurt people.


Then they suddenly wanted federal enforcement of their state’s rights by coercion with the Fugitive Slave Act.


Is anyone really surprised by this? Here’s what we’re lookin’ at:

They are going to go after:

-any type of marriage that’s not white male wedded to white female
-any type of interracial anything, including adoption
-any type of…

…ah fuck it. Just insert your own worst fear shit. Yes. That’s the progressive shit they’re going to go after.


I wonder how I am going to explain this to my life partner of 25 years.
Maybe if I point out first that my own parents broke the U.S. miscegenation laws in the 1960s and what did he expect from me anyway?

He can’t unblow that dog whistle, and all who heard it as he intended it (either because he wanted to intimidate, or to attract more followers) won’t be unhearing it either.

Since the man is a Harvard MBA, the odds ‘he “misunderstood” the reporter’s questions’ are close to nil.

But wait, there’s more:

And uh, even… more…

Braun is among the Republican legislators who participated in the months-long attempted coup that included the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the Capitol. In the days leading up to January 6, Braun had announced his intent to object on that day to the inclusion of some states in the count of electors that determines the next president, which would have disenfranchised millions of voters based on lies, conspiracy theories, and preposterous legal theories all falsely claiming various sorts of mass fraud that did not occur. The announcement amplified the message that inspired the attack on the Capitol. He ultimately did not vote to exclude any states from the Electoral College, however. Many of these legislators were a part of a coordinated campaign by the Trump Administration to pressure the Vice President to exclude Democratic states from the electoral count rather than follow the Constitution’s procedure in which Congress may vote to exclude electors.


Obviously not! “Anti-Miscegenation” is back as a GQP plank !

But on his point, that states shouldn’t be “homogenized” (that is, all following the same US Constitution), would he be OK with blue states passing laws to delete the 2nd Amendment? (He probably would not be.)


that should’ve been the reporter’s question right there.




Just like to point out that this is honestly an appeal to pure fucking racists (and likely homophobes as well). Nice to know that the good senator is all for having the legal recognition of my parents’ marriage or my own up to how racist a particular state is. I’d have to imagine that this would potentially affect millions of US citizens.

And don’t think for a moment this isn’t about trying to reverse gay marriage rights. Because you know state’s rights to determine the legality of particular forms of discrimination… While most politicos would recognize that anti-micegenation laws will only play with a very small kkkrowd, reversing recognition for gay marriages is a wet dream for a larger religious group.


There is a compelling reason Coretta Scott King was a key supporter of LBGT rights. Civil rights are not compartments or distinguishable. Civil Rights for are for all. Bigots don’t stop when they are enabled.



If you want to make an omelette white patriarchal ethnostate,
you have to break some eggs Constitutions!


I think people such as the senator are intentionally fluid when it comes to being a “good Christian”… whatever that may mean.


Perfect, except he doesn’t have a pie hole, just a hate hole.


There is no bottom. Give them a Mad-Maxian dystopia of road warriors, and they will reflect that the society of cruel overlords could always be a little more cruel, and little more hostile, a little more conservative. Give them ownership of hell, and they’ll complain about all the whiners and snowflakes getting free fire and brimstone.


An inspiration to the states that are introducing Fugitive Incubator Acts.


Well, it looks like they’ve legalized inbreeding from the looks of it, so…


If Homo sapiens survived interbreeding with Neanderthals, it can probably endure Republicans.


This is why we can’t have nice flings.


Let’s make it illegal for racists to marry.