Indiana Senator Braun is open to interracial marriage becoming illegal in the United States

There’s actually no reason to believe that Neandertals were less intelligent than contemporaneous Homo sapiens.


I gotta say I was expecting them to overturn gay marriage first. But interracial marriage seems right up their alley. Maybe Brown vs. Board of education is next. There is no new low to which they cannot sink.


i blinked a few times reading that statement by braun last night. what freakin year is this anyway? i am someone in an interracial marriage. they going to start calling my kids half breeds on FOX next? my son is in an interracial gay marriage. i am sure that would make this asshole’s head explode.


It likely won’t be a 6-3 margin forever. The article speculates that some of the Republican attacks on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson may be due to their concern about Thomas. Though being racist clowns performing for their racist base would also explain their attacks. Speculation Grows Over Justice Clarence Thomas' Health

ETA: And it begs the question if Thomas would feel state’s rights importance would be more important than his marriage. As long as his state allows it, he may not consider it a problem that concerns him.


I’m from indiana. Both our senators are awful but Brawn makes the other guy seem ok in comparison. When Braun was in the Republican primaries, I looked at the candidates and said to myself, “this guy will never get the nomination because his positions are so shitty.” Now the rumor is that he’s going to run for governor.


And yet, as I’m told, the real issue is the request for universal pre-K is too radical to discuss.


From the Onion:



Jesus Chirst


At the risk of repeating myself - where do they dig up these characters, and why… WHY do they keep voting for them?


Have some good close family in Indiana.

Up til now my unofficial motto of Indiana has been “The Nation’s Worst Pence Dispenser”

I may have to update that for this guy.


He’s my senator. I’ve tried engaging with him multiple times. We’ve ALWAYS been able to call him a lying racist boob!


I’m in Indiana now and can totally confirm.

Also, not saying I’m thrilled with the current governor, but he is closer to the former Republican party than the current reactionary and fascist party. In a state that absolutely insists on Republicans in all major political positions, he’s the best we’re likely to get for the foreseeable future.


In case you weren’t aware (I bet you were) the deadline to register for primaries is 4/4 (Indiana's 2022 primary voter registration deadline is April 4). You may consider registering as an R so you have more influence in the general election possible outcomes, you can always vote D in the general. Good luck, Indiana is a great place and deserves great leaders. If you are in West Lafayette grab a Triple XXX burger for me.


Except that boobs are functional and necessary for the optimal health and welfare of the next generation, kind of the opposite of this goat fucker.


Not often mentioned is the fact that the SC Declaration of Independence specifically called out RI’s laws allowing Blacks to vote as a reason for seceding. States rights for me, but not for thee, to no one’s surprise. This is one of the reasons to truly worry about the proposed state laws seeking to govern people’s actions outside of state boundaries. There is precedent, and I could imagine, in a nightmare scenario, the USSC upholding those laws based on such.


Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Clearly the GOP wants us to entirely and forever ignore the ninth amendment. “No, no, there are NO rights beyond the ones written down. None! You can’t invent new rights, and the Supreme Court can’t find them!”

I wish the Democrats would start hammering on this one hard.


The modern Republican party, however…


Let him eat cake. Enriched yellow cake, that is.


This subtlety is lost on at least half of Americans, IMHE (willfully so, as dictated by the argument they wish to make). The US Constitution is a negative rights document. It lays out restrictions on government. It does not grant rights to people. All rights are presumed to pre-exist, and since governments are the people too, the document restricts the rights of those people acting in that capacity as needed to protect everyone else.


Thanks, yeah, I did know that but I can’t bring myself to do the research necessary to determine who is the least awful option for each political office in the primary. I’ve been feeling quite despondent over having to move here — long story — and the offensive politics is high on the list as to why.

Can’t say I’m likely to get to West Lafayette any time soon, but I’ll wave in its general direction for you!