India's deadly exam-rigging scandal: murder, corruption, suicide and scapegoats

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But not a clue to what Vyapam means?

I’m just remembering the bit from the Vorkosigan saga…

“It was suicide, wasn’t it?”
“In an involuntary sort of way,” said Vorob’yev. “These Cetagandan political suicides can get awfully messy, when the principal won’t cooperate.”
“Thirty-two stab wounds in the back, worst case of suicide they ever saw?” murmured Ivan, clearly fascinated by the gossip.
“Exactly, my lord.”


If people at a university named for Mahatma Gandhi are getting murdered then I can’t imagine what’s going on at the one named for Indira Gandhi.


“Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal” - roughly “professional examination board”.

This is the exam board for state positions.


Would you mind entertaining a question on the contracted name if possible? Really I’m just wondering where the “pam” comes from (I think I can understand what makes the “Vya” part). Is it “Pa(riksha)M(andal)”?

On 9 October this year, the Supreme Court reviewed the progress of the Vyapam case with some satisfaction, noting that the mysterious deaths had suddenly ceased since the investigation was taken away from the Madhya Pradesh police and handed to the CBI.
Nope, that's not incredibly suspicious at all, not even a little bit. I certainly wouldn't conclude from that that the Madhya Pradesh police had a hand in all the murders. Not a chance.

Edit: An Indian friend of mine just explained to me that this is the supreme court’s way of saying that they think the police were involved in the murders. It makes a lot more sense in that context than as a particularly and obliviously incompetent attempt at propaganda and a coverup.

Yes. Spelled in Devanagari, Pa + M is just two characters. व्यवसायिक् परिक्षा मण्डल् contracts to व्या (vya) + प ¶ + म (m). I guess if it were an English acronym we’d be saying VPM, but since each phoneme has an independent existence in Indian scripts, it works out like this.


Thank you.

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