Indulge your inner child with Little Debbie snack cake-scented candles and snack cake-flavored ice cream

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… what if I get confused, eat the candles and burn the ice cream :fire:


ha ha, snackonfusion


Three wick candles at half price?



LD flavored ice cream?


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I tried the Nutty Bar ice cream, it was pretty good. Dad was a route man, which was the generic term used for the folk that delivered products to stores through the 70s and 80s. Likely there is a non-gendered term used now, but that’s all I heard then. From 1984 through to retirement around 92 he sold Little Debbie. It was the second best route. Pepperidge Farms was the only one better. Sodas were the worst - the work destroys your hands. Sodas did have the most opportunity for larger scale theft, so Dad stuck with them through the 1970s.

Anyway, a couple of tidbits that I picked up from him about Little Debbie’s. They are vegetarian. The family that owns the company is Seventh Day Adventist. When I switched to vegetarian and wanted a fried pie, the Little Debbie versions were a reliable choice for that. Also, the Oatmeal Creme Pie filling is not the exact same from batch to batch. The factory throws the clean breakage in it. So, if the machines have a batch of banana or fudge cakes that come out broken, they go into the creme filling.


I love their Zebra Cakes, so I tried the Zebra Cake ice cream. Had a terrible experience. But then again I’m not much of an ice cream guy. I usually only get a pint of vanilla once or twice a year and only have half of it before it gets abandoned to freezer burn.

Also when they sponsored a race car, they wouldn’t let them put the logo on the car when it raced on Sunday. Wasn’t a great business move, but it shows they believe in their religion.

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Screw that, I’m going to go eat some Nutty Buddys!

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Yea, I knew a guy back in the 90’s when I worked for a large grocery chain that had a PF route. Dude made a killing. He retired relatively young by selling his route.

OT - No sweet smelling candles for me, those make me gag, but the ice cream sounds good.

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