The history behind Dum Dums’ “mystery flavor”


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that’s a fun way to reduce waste.


The real secret is why Dum Dums are still in production. Does anyone honestly go looking for these because they like tiny lollipops whose sticks weigh more than the candy? The only time I see them is at Halloween when they are used as filler for bags of cheap-ass candy.


Introducing flavors like … popcorn

Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure I remember a popcorn flavor when I was a kid…like buttered popcorn jelly bean kind of flavor.


Yes. Yesss! Feel the hate flow through you! Experience the true power of the Dark Side!


I was always happy to eat the Mystery Flavor and Root Beer Dum Dums that my sister threw out of her Halloween hoard.


I still have a terrible sweet tooth as an adult (which regular tabletop gaming doesn’t help) and almost all my candy preferences have chocolate in one way or another. I don’t know why non-chocolate-based candy exists except maybe because kids have low standards or can’t afford the good stuff. Even back then, chocolate-based Halloween candy was much more prized.


All the tellers at my bank have little dishes with these little suckers.


My house is in the middle of Trick or Treat Central in my town – we typically go through $80-$100 worth of candy, easily –- and every year there’s a small number of kids who politely request candy without chocolate. Some of them have nut allergies & are just extra careful, but some just like sour candies like Nerds or Smarties more than chocolate & caramel.


This seems to be cyclical. My wife and I have seen years go by where gelatin candy is the preferred choice, other times it’s the hot/sour/popping crazes. Chocolate has a pretty high minimum acceptance, but it does fluctuate.

Lollipops will get grabbed by the really young kids who either still like sucking candy or just don’t have a preference yet.

Gum, generally speaking, is the worst. Mind you, we never give gum, but we sure get it dropped in our bowl by kids trying to dump them.


First the Cheesecake Factory, now Dum-Dums. Lately it seems other boingers hate the things I like. :disappointed:


Your sister is an unlettered ne’er-do-well if she eschews the root beer dum dums.

I’m sure you are aware, but in case your familial relationship clouded your judgement.


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