Inexcusably Dishonest Anti-Abortion Video

I cannot begin to express how full of shit this is. Right out of the Breitbart School of Journalism.

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Is there such a thing as an honest anti-abortion video?

Sure: “I think abortion is a sin and that nobody should do it.” is honest. It’s not sensational but honest.

It’s not honest with oneself, though. There’s too much proof that when push comes to shove, they’re OK with someone in their family & friend circle getting an abortion.

The only moral abortion is my abortion.

If you delve deeply enough with an anti-choice individual, you learn that their rush to force “God’s will” (apparently, their omnipotent god is powerless against pregnant women, so they have to fill in) is really all about judging others. In other words, against the tenets of their faith. So when they claim it’s a “sin” against their god, they’re not being honest about their involvement.

I think that’s too broad a generalization to impute that thinking to every individual. It may be the trend, but it’s certainly possible for someone to have self-consistent beliefs.

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