Infamous South Carolina legislator who beat wife in front of kids gets probation

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This man is obviously terrible. At the risk of being crass, that’s the first time I’ve heard of the Apple watch actually being useful.


Ah yes, the “family values” party demonstrating exactly which values they stand for. And he only gets probation. How many less privileged men are in South Carolina prisons right now for lesser crimes?


Christ, what an asshole.


Cut a little higher, Bugs…


Being on the IT side of the media industry, I see a lot of Apple watches. I despise them – I don’t think their users realize how distracting (and impolite) it is for them to be glancing at their wrists every few minutes when an update comes in. Being on the business side of things, I try to avoid even glancing at my watch (analog) during meetings. But the techy folks seem more oblivious…


well-known for his support of the Confederate flag… “[A]uthorities say he attacked his wife during an argument over his infidelity the day after Christmas.”

Wow, he’s just the whole package, isn’t he? There’s really nothing else you need to prove he’s a complete and irredeemable asshole.


I’m quite open to the reality of “karma,” the existence/continuation of consciousness beyond what we perceive as physical reality, and the notion that we get as many chances as we need to “figure it out,” so I remain hopeful – although in this incarnation… eeeehhh…


Because it is new and cool.

Have him buy used, maybe.

My childhood was just fine without smartphones, the World Wide Web, cable TV, and BoingBoing, but I’m glad all those things exist today. Not everything has to have a functional need.

Edit: Maybe not cable TV. The providers all suck.


Except HBO. And FX imo.


Unfortunately, we know of similar situations, and later where the freed husband returns to finish the job.

I hope the wife and children are safely hidden away.


Let’s see how long it takes until he blames

  1. The “stress” of public office
  2. Says "Jesus has forgiven me, why won’t you?"
  3. His attorney says something like 'He regrets any actions that might have been misunderstood and wishes to put this in his past and move on as he deepens his commitment to Jesus."
  4. Donald Trump appoints him head of a committee on violence towards women. (Not how to prevent it, but how to do it and get away with it without all this negative press.)

This is the good news I needed today.

Mr. Former Legislator:


On the bright side, with that 911 tape, his hopefully soon to be ex-wife she should get full custody and support. Hopefully he doesn’t add “dead beat dad” to his “how to be an asshole” list.

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Being white counteracts all that, making him a splendid fellow. /s


I’ve got one. I use it to:
Track my exercise times/heart rate/calories burned/etc
Receive notifications of phone calls, texts, reminders, appointments, etc. without having a phone in front of me
Set timers and reminders while doing other things
Answer phone calls while I’m working on something and still be able to use both hands (better than having an earpiece in all the time!)
Quick check of the outside temp
Play music when exercising so I don’t have to have carry my phone or get an iPod

So nothing really necessary, just convenient. I don’t know that I would have bought one for myself, but it was a gift and I do use it daily.

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I totally get it…but for a 14 yr old?

In the end I merely want him to be prudent with his money. I am proud he has worked hard to save it up. And ultimately it’s his choice what he spends it on.

I just don’t see them as worth it in their current form.

Ah, yeah. I wish I had been taught to be far more judicious with my money when I was younger. If I had the money from all the stupid, superfluous shit I bought when I was 14-30, I’d be better off now. Who knows if I would have listened or understood, I suppose.

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I wish I had bought silver age comics vs the modern schlock…

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