Indiana Tea Party "family values" lawmaker resigns after sending adulterous sex-video to his entire address-book

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Now see, I make mistakes too. We all do. But my mistakes don’t involve felonies. And any personal foibles of mine do not impact my work.

Is it time to retire the term “family values” yet? Because it really does seem to mean “any values I have are detrimental to families”.


he values family so much that he tries to start multiple ones?


I don’t know, Cosa Nostra is all about family values. So is n’drangheta. And then there’s that happy family that runs North Korea. It just seems that these are the families that some politicians aspire to emulate.


Thom Hartmann on a recent show pointed out that Republican Indiana Rep Jud McMillin singlehandedly stopped a bill in the Indiana House that would have criminalized revenge porn. You can’t make this stuff up.


No, it’s far too entertaining when it backfires


Obligatory: christ, what an arsehole.


Unfortunately for many Republicans the next bit is “to be an asshole”.


Major had an affair with Edwina Currie.

However, I have to say this; during the Major era I met Mrs. Currie a couple of times and I actually liked her a lot. Like Corbyn, she’s actually pretty human for a politician. I can’t really get that exercised about Major.

I propose it can still be used for buckets of fried chicken and pasta buffets.


So the most offensive things he did were conducted in the public eye. Privately he may have been screwing his mistress, but as a lawmaker tried to screw a lot of people.


What I don’t get is that he’s resigning despite feigning innocence. It’s like he’s already conceded that his stolen phone story just won’t fly.

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I can’t stop laughing!

Family values. Mmmm.


Very good point. Taking food out of the mouths of hungry children makes you a patriot, but getting laid is unforgivable.


In this case, he probably has little option because his excuse wouldn’t actually address the problem even if it were true.

Whether he made a sloppy mistake when sending a message or whether his phone was actually stolen and somebody decided to have some lulz with its former owner; the message that went out speaks for itself, implicates him; and might well provide enough information for somebody to dig up the other person and have a chat with them.

The ‘stolen phone’/‘hacked account’ type excuse only works if it is only the presumption that you sent the message that is damning; not if the message itself either provides enough material to be seriously damaging in itself; or if it provides enough of a lead that corroborating evidence is very, very, likely to turn up once people know to look.


The worst thing about these Family Values a-hats, is that they are wrecking good peoples lives with their moral judgments while almost always doing worse things themselves. These people harp on and on about the “sanctity of marriage” while on their 3rd marriage with a mistress on the side. They don’t get a free pass because they aren’t giving one to anyone else…


It also never hurts to remember that the (nasty; but very clever in a brutally callous sort of way) construction of “Family Values” as pretty much exclusively being a matter of sexual mores and naughty words in music and media has more or less utterly annihilated the discussion of ‘family values’ as an inconvenient economic matter, dimension of our penal policies, and so on.

Encouraging family formation and success is very much a matter of economics, income equality and inequality, working and scheduling conditions, and all sorts of other tedious-and-mostly-unpopular-with-the-plutocratic-wing stuff; but pretending that it’s basically about homos, slutty welfare queens, and absentee fathers is fantastic cover for doing any sort of overtly family-hostile stuff you want, without even having to acknowledge that your policies are related to ‘family’ one way or the other.


I feel like the right thing to do in this situation is just calmly smash my phone with a hammer, stuff it in the bottom of a dumpster, go buy a new one, and send out a message apologizing for being out of touch for a few days since my phone was stolen. Don’t even mention the possibility of Bad Stuff being sent until someone mentions it, then act surprised.


The “it was out of my control for about 24 hours” attempt is particularly mind boggling. So, this implies you recovered it… That suggests that you either have one of those ‘person uses find-my-phone, does something dubiously sensible to try to recover it’ stories; or the Canadian police will have some record of its theft and subsequent recovery. Care to tell us about it?

I get the impression that this guy is, perhaps, not god’s gift to opsec.