Indiana Tea Party "family values" lawmaker resigns after sending adulterous sex-video to his entire address-book


So - it worked as intended?
It amazes me that people bother to construct bizarre conspiracy theories while the biggest conspiracy theory of the lot - the MIC that Eisenhower warned about in league with the plutocrats who want to reduce the mass of the population to peonage - is in plain sight everywhere.


It’s worse than that. He’s presumably trying to imply that his phone was stolen, then the thief recorded a sex tape with someone who looked just like him, and then sent it to everyone in his address book.

And who among us can say that exactly the same hasn’t happened to them eh?


You visit Canada, you get what you get!

We’ll steal your phone, use our endless pool of talented actors to locate your doppelganger, find something or someone for them to do things with, nekkid if applicable & send it to everyone you know.

Worst of all, it’s all a government funded arts council project called Blanced Nuts!


Damn you perfidious Canuks!
Of course if you lose your phone in the UK we find a doppelgänger and a farmyard animal…


They probably also don’t involve imaginary Canadians, either.


Indeed. When I commit felonies, it’s on purpose.


To family values inclined, cheating on your wife is more forgiveable than feeding children, though. Because taxes to pay for essential social services are literal slavery.

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The Alex Jones / Ron Paulentologist crowd never would blame the Kochs and Birchers, seeing as they’re mostly Birchers themselves. It’s “Big Pharm” or Monsanto, “chemtrails” or Al Gore or someone else at fault.


I apologize for sounding skeevy, but what exactly was in this video? This is the kind of guy who recorded himself having sex with other people on the regular using his smartphone?

Is that, as we like to say to our kids… a good life choice?


Damn…I took my anti-schadenfreude meds this morning.


Is there an application form or…

Asking for a friend.


I’m thinking this is the only time anyone’s invoked an Imaginary Canadian to deny having a girlfriend.


Ah, the insulting of human intelligence. A guy who ran off on me without paying for his cab ride claimed that his phone had been lost at the time his cab ride was ordered when I called him a few days later. Of course people who are dishonest enough to steal a cab ride are honest enough to return a lost phone to its rightful owner. I wanted to text “Received your money order. Your XBox is packed and ready to ship but I lost your name and address.” a couple months later but his phone got disconnected when he want to jail.

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What a bunch of crap disinformation! These type of people NEED TO BE INCARCERATED FOR LIFE and have NO COMMUNICATION with the outside world! There is so much proof of toxic chemtrail, NOT CONTRAIL, spraying it is disgusting, a slap in the face of humanity. When the stats are eventually in, despite being hidden from the public as demanded by the renegade globalists, in addition to the strict HIPAA laws they’ve created, someone will eventually find out, there will be hell to pay for causing thousands, if not millions of fatal GBS and Morgellan’s cases, along with other life threatening illnesses. Denying chemtrails is just as bad as Hillary Clinton telling Japan we’d still buy their fish even though the entire Pacific ocean is now at a fatal nuclear radiation contamination level. Sick, sick, evil to the core rotten people! Since we are running out of time, the mind controlled and hard headed people of America are just as guilty for not even trying to wake up and raise awareness of critical life threatening, inhumane, barbaric and just plain evil acts committed by these dirty rotten renegade globalist scoundrels. They will burn in hell for all eternity for all the evil acts they’ve committed and poor innocent people they’ve intentionally murdered and are attempting to murder, even by methods such as Aids and Planned Parenthood. THE WORLD KNOWS WHO YOU ARE AND WE ARE COMING AFTER YOU!!!

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We were mocking Morgellons etc. the other day and I thought the quote about it being part of a government plot that has killed “millions” was just too precious to not share.

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My brother’s wife is like this. I don’t know how people like this can read what they’ve written and think: yup, perfect proof of my cogent argument. My immediate reaction is to want to parse the sentences into trees just to see how wacky they really are. It’s obvious they would never add up to:

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