Infectious disease squeeze-balls, full of buboes




What causes the color change? I get that the bulges would have thinner walls, but I’m not quite sure how that translates to a green thing becoming red.


I guess the outer layer of colour is very thin, so when it gets stretched enough through squeezing, the inner colour is revealed.


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Perhaps if Gaylord had some of these to relieve his “stress”…


I got one last year. It is FUN! :smiley:

The mesh tends to wear, though, especially at the junction point where it is merged in the cap. Don’t count with it lasting for decades, but a year or two should be comfortably within its lifespan.
…I’m beginning to wonder what’s inside…


Did people get grossed out?


Not really, actually. But then, the few people that saw it are rather resilient, when it comes to being grossed out.


Cool! I always wondered if fishnet stockings might have a legitimate purpose.


They actually do. Worn under a barrier layer they trap quite a lot of still air and serve as a pretty decent heat insulation. A friend was buying some so I wondered so I asked her.


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These aren’t new are they? I seem to remember seeing them years ago.


Think. Stop panting and start palpating . . . and if you palpate a bubo draw yourself back in and say in a cold nasal whine: “You think I am innarested to contact your horrible old condition? I am not
innarested at all.”
-W.S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch


I got smallpox for Christmas!


The goo is red. The balloon is green. As the balloon gets squeezed through, it gets thinner and the red color shows through.
Source: I worked at a company that sold a variety of this type of thing and had many burst in my hand.


Okay, so there is goo inside. Cool. I was thinking it was one or two colored layers around a hollow air-filled interior and I couldn’t see how that would make a color change.


Would you like to tell us more about the nature of the goo? :stuck_out_tongue: So we know what we can expect when the balls inevitably break?


I’m many years removed from that company now, but at the time it’s was usual stuff they sell by itself as goo (at least I think it is - the dig-a-dino block of “clay” with fake bones in it failed testing a few times for having too much e.coli in it) Generally easy to clean up. Little concern about staining.
The one you had to worry about was the horriball (also horriskull, both since disco’d) that was like this but with icky looking bugs, guts and red fluid inside. I brought a case of them to a halloween party once and immediately got in trouble when one burst and the red liquid stained everything it touched.


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