Stress ball oozes beads


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It looks like it’s spawning by caesarian.


Anthill, spiders hatching, or any number of other insectoid memes.

I had one of the early versions of those stress balls which was cheaply made, more or less a fancy balloon with a rubber plug in the base. After a week it started leaking, and I realized it was full of corn syrup.


Chinese caviar?


I can clearly see your balls… </engrish>


Basically what salmon look like.

So by “stress ball” they mean it now CAUSES stress, because how am I going to all these fucking balls back in there?


My daughter showed me videos like this. Apparently, there’s this whole cutting up things to see what’s inside genre. Man, if Youtube was around when I was a kid, my Stretch Armstrong wouldn’t have died completely in vain.


This has been featured once or twice here before:


This is way better than the pimple-popping channels on YouTube.


He’s dead Jim…


It might cause you stress, but I’m sure that toy feels much better now.


This reminds me of that Nicholas Cage movie where he was somewhere in Utah with a bunch of mormons and the women were making lots of handicrafts, macrame and stuff like that but then he punched the sixth wife of zombie Moroni and they put him inside this gigantic mason jar and then filled it up, I can still remember him calling 'Not the beads, Not the beads" and then he died. damn, that movie bummed me out.

handicrafts. damn.


He’s pretty happy considering the hole in his head…


it’s all down to tadpoles


Jeezus, why did they have to cut one open that has a happy face. Now I’ll have nightmares.


Oddly satisfying



Once VR goes mainstream, I know what app is going to make me rich.


“Alien autopsy” is a different thread.

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