What happens when you stuff 2000 match heads into a stress pig and light the fuse


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And the inevitable gif will stay useful right through the election.


Just watching that reduced my stress level. That and knowing that somewhere out there is a video of someone microwaving a stress pig.



I found it a little underwelming… :sweat:


Don’t worry about it.


He was a quiet pig. Never late. Ate lunch at his desk. Can’t say he was ever “chummy” with his co-workers, but I don’t think anyone had anything against him.

Several folks had been let go out of his department. Right-sizing, you know. Do more, with less. I guess everyone just figured we’d all pull together and get the work done. Sure it might take a few hours here and there to meet a deadline, but what job doesn’t see that now and again.

Then, he came in late one day…and…excuse me…I just can’t relive that day.

May I never smell bacon again,


Well she did put “fail” in the title.


Seems quite accurate – isn’t the first sign of too much stress the classic eye twitch?


Having made match head rockets I know that cutting off two thousand match heads is no simple feat.


Sure, an explosion woulda been awesome… but the sputtering and smoke in slo-mo was p glorious in its own right, I’d say!


haHA! Wait, though, this is the internet… That’s a joke, right?


Fail enough… er… i mean… fair enough! :grin:


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