Why use stress balls when you can destroy them?


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Classic Rule 34.


The Silastic Armourfiends of Striterax were a prodigiously aggressive species who lived about twenty billion years ago. These warmongering creatures had many enemies and dedicated their lives to all forms of combat against other races and against themselves.

The best way to pick a fight with an Armourfiend was to be born. So hostile were they that the best way to kill one of them was to lock himself alone in a small room and wait for him to start beating himself to death. Most of their civilization existed inside deep underground bunkers since the surface of planet Striterax was constantly being wrecked by war.

The Silastic Armourfiends once thought of a way to diminish their violence issues by promoting a new law that ordered anyone who had to carry a weapon as part of their daily profession (such as policemen, security guards and school teachers) to spend at least 45 minutes a day beating up a sack of potatoes to put out the excess of viciousness. This actually worked until somebody suggested just shooting the potatoes instead, and they ended up getting excited, thus starting the wars again.


that DIY slime was too vomit-like for me. yuuuuuckkkk


Those “balls of water” at 4:01 evaporate and then you’re left with tiny pieces of plastic. They are terrible for the environment.

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The main value for me watching videos like this is nostalgia, specifically for when I was in my 20s and could experiment with weird stuff outdoors because I didn’t live in a big city.

Dick around with goop and a crossbow in a parking lot? Totally cool in most of the country, significantly less so in Brooklyn.


Sadly both the regular and giant versions of the stress balls are sold out


Reminds me of slicing open a golf ball as a kid. Way cool.


Googling “stress ball porn” is bad enough. Googling “stress ball rule 34” is VERY hit-or-miss (and by hit I mean “oh, okay”)(and by miss I mean WTF?!?!?)


The majority of their tests - not least the ones outside in the green using a sledgehammer or axe/crossbow - were almost guaranteed to leave unnecessary pollutants behind in some quantity or other. All in the name of juvenile clicks. (And, yeah, I clicked too.)

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I was eating oatmeal. Super gross.


Yeah, but that’s oatmeal for you.


How’s the veal?


“The best in the city.”
– Virgil ‘The Turk’ Sollozzo

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I wouldn’t mind so much but it then encourages other people to do this stuff, and then BB posts it and it reinforces it even more.

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