Match Head Bomb video: 6000 matches in a blender, shot at at 2500fps


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SO disappointed, was expecting strike-anywhere match heads being ignited by blending! This was just, meh…
(And the “at-at”? Where’s the ATAT?!? Ugh)



Not so much a blender as just the container from a blender.
I still thought it was pretty neat.


“in a blender”???

Someone doesn’t know what a blender is.


Same here!

Often the best kind of pyrotechnics.


In the spirit of grumbling about the video, there has to be a faster way to cut the heads off matches. You could probably flatten the boxes a bit and saw through them, as the matches are already lined up on the inside.


I’d go for that guillotine cutter used for cutting edges of photographs. Or even just scissors.


At what number of match-heads does it turn from ill-advised to illegal?


Six thousand one.




Legal schmegal, the video is cool.


Kurtz: We must kill them. We must incinerate them. Pig after pig… cow after cow… village after village… army after army…

Epic matchhead video, vortex or not.


My neighbor had a set of nippers that were wide enough to decapitate an entire pack of paper matches at a time, so we could get 500 match heads in a matter of minutes.


I suspect literally blending them might have created conditions for a real explosion, esepcially since the match heads would have been ground into powder.


That’s funny, we were just talking about dust (and aerosol) explosions in another thread.



Point me to it, please!?


Cheap laser printer thread. :smile:


Thanks, found it with the ‘search’;
added my bit!
When I’ve used these in displays, I mix the cremora with screened dust from floor-refinishing after it’s been fully dessicated with silica gel.
5 gallons, all lifted with a scant 1/2 cup black powder.
At 100’ you’ll feel the heat.



(“Le whoosh, she ees beeger than I thought!”)