Inflatable Christmas tree costume may be cause of COVID outbreak

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This is so awful for all those poor people. Unbelievable.


On December 25th, an employee of Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center entered the hospital’s emergency room wearing an air-powered Christmas tree costume in an effort to boost the morale of patients being treated on Christmas Day. That employee is now suspected of inadvertently causing an outbreak that has infected 44 staff members and left one staff member dead.

Apparently, the eagerness of some people to win the coveted “Dangerous Idiot of 2020” award kept them going right until the end of the year.


I blame Kaiser more than I blame the individual. Per my sister, a Kaiser doctor, Kaiser will not test workers for COVID unless they’re symptomatic. She thinks the policy is probably a misguided attempt to avoid liability by maintaining plausible deniability that their workers are spreading the virus to patients, and they don’t want to be short on staff by sending home everyone who gets a positive result.

Kaiser’s lack of proper PPE for staff is another shameful and ongoing issue. In the early days of the pandemic my sister was actually prohibited from wearing an N95 at work, even if she brought it in herself.


Back in the old days, like a year ago, we might have called that domestic terrorism.
Nowadays, if you walk into a hospital and set off a virus bomb, it’s just, “Well, trees gotta be trees”.

Well, that blows!

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How About Both - With Glitter

Good intentions aside, wearing a walking air circulator in a hospital during an airborne pandemic is next level stupid.

Um, no. A moron’s reckless endangerment was never domestic terrorism. Words matter.


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