Infographic of each US state's favorite 1990s sitcom


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Seinfeld is obviously correct but I’m ok with most of the country not getting that. Nice job, Mass.


Naturally, the show with the opening credits that end with “HELLO, WISCONSIN!!!” is going to be a favorite in said state.


Boy Meets World…YES!!!


And yet again Michigan disappoints me. Seriously? Kevin James??


Their definition of “90s show” is a little fishy


Neither am i surprised that the favorite show of the state of Ohio is one with this theme song:


… and Washington liked Frasier. I’m a little dubious of their results.


Well if this ‘state in the opening’ held true, CA would have Full House and/or be splitting Fresh Prince with PA. So while the states that did go to their respective setting seems appropriate, it’s clearly not the rule.


What I want to know is what’s going on in Maine and New Mexico. Are tween girls the secret kingmakers of these states?


Utah had surprisingly good taste in sitcoms.


This is it.

This is the moment.

The moment I realized the 90’s were indeed as bad as the 80’s.



How was this demographic produced? More like, this is what you get to watch, shut up and enjoy.
masses nod unison conditioned agreement


Guess I might’ve expected Martin or even Home Improvement. Not that Home Improvement is an…ahem…improvement over anything Kevin James might be in.


At least Home Improvement would make sense. Also, I watched a TON of it in the 90’s so it is more believable to me. Also, Seinfeld. Because Seinfeld.


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