InfoWars will pay $15k to creator of Pepe the Frog in lawsuit settlement

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@LurkingGrue just beat me to it!
But I had to open photoshop.:wink:


Trump supporters seem to prefer to use MS Paint to render Pepe…


It should be more… but it is something.


I regretted not being able to make it to the comic store for Free Comic Day when he killed Pepe off. Now I wish I had that poster, too.


I don’t speak spanish so this is really hard for me to research… maybe someone can help me out. but it looks like the current version of “El Sapo Pepe” which does bear a resemblance to Furie’s Pepe may have been created around 2010… visually I mean… specifically the heavy eyelided look of Furie’s Pepe. Furie created his Pepe in 2004… I think if one copied the other there might actually ba a case for the designer of Sapo Pepe drawing inspiration from Furie…


Not nearly enough, but yeah. At least it’s something. It’ll be interesting to find out how they avoid paying it.

As for their poster… okay, these are the guys that rant and rave that they are the bastions for all that is good and pure in America. Yet that poster design looks like something Darth Vader would have had on his dorm room wall. For a second I thought the guy in the hat was Freddy Kruger.

ETA although they really nailed the colorless and tattered US flag in the background. That’s how they intend to leave us.

ETA2 The more I looked at it, I realized with the giant Trump head it reminded me of the final form of the monster in Slither.




so a bit of google translate later:
It appears Sapo Pepe had his own legal battle which was only concluded in 2010. Started out as a song on an 80s kids show. popularized by a singer who tried to market it as a character in 2005 (mind you that’s after Furie’s character was created). And looks like the original company that owned the show the song first aired on got back the rights in 2010 and created the current version. There’s no way in heck Matt Furie could have been inspired by them. especially not visually. It looks like, if anything, they ripped off the stoner look of his frog.
also Sapo means Toad, not frog.
(any spanish speakers please correct me on this)


Can he pay it in his high priced iodine drops?

Also, i guess I never saw the source material - is the rest of Boy Club as creepy looking.

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I loved him. The innocent days:


This is symbolically great for Furie, but at the same time a good example of the original intent of copyright law. Don’t try to profit off stolen work.


Why the hell is Trump on there twice? It makes no sense.

Alex Jones, Matt Drudge (?) and Roger Stone clearly look confused, and Kelly-Anne Conway has the look of a woman who’s just realized she’s going to be associated with these idiots for all of eternity.


I noticed the same thing about Trump, and decided the smaller one is the actual man, and the giant one is his ego.


And it ripped off, too


Holy shit. Well of course it did. ffs. That’s crazy.

ETA I’m surprised you didn’t point that out in the original post. Having never found myself in that situation, I have no idea, but can he seek compensation as well?

ETA2 and add to it the fact they are stealing Breaking Bad art. Nothing about them is subtle, is it?


At the risk of displaying my ignorance on a blog filled with people who actually know something about copyright, I think it’d be considered a transformative work. Aside from Pepe, anyway.

Which doesn’t mean it’s remotely original, or that the artist isn’t a hack.

The key identifying factor of a Trumpster is lack of imagination.


So wait… they are casting Trump as Walter White?!?

I guess that seems appropriate. After all White died of illness before anyone could make them pay for their crimes.

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