Ingenious mechanical ad blocker

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I approve.

Also, wonder what Feedly is cueing in on…

Pesco’s byline?


Engineers never really stop being engineers, even in retirement.

My grandfather-in-law has fold over indexes made from file folders so he can have the same organization system that he had on his software from his first Mac. He adjusts it from time to time, but it still works. At his age, adapting to changes ever os revision is really taxing, and he has no time for it. I suppose he hasn’t had time for it for the past 20 years.

While I don’t like the screws, as tape would work just fine, I am fine with the implementation, as his solution will always be superior to what ever pane is on the screen.

Edit to add reply: Post COVID yes. I’m not talking him through sending me a photo, nor do I want to get wrangled into family IT work.


You can bet that once some ad-wonk sees that they’ll find away to put them on the left.

Off topic but …

This is the main reason I hate Apple. Every OS X (or iOS) update breaks something or removes some feature and also forces you to learn new stuff for doing the same thing or new stuff for doing something new, most of which I can do without.

It’s like instead of once a year saying ‘how can we help make a few things better’ they instead poke you in the chest with a sharp stick to say ‘wake up and pay attention or forever be lost’.

There’s a reason my Macbooks are both still on El Capitan.


Picture, please?


I fully deploy robust ad blockers at all times. I realize that this isn’t ideal for the few sites like bOing bOing that I truly care about, but I’d be happy to pay a monthly sub to chip in. Occasionally I have to do something on someone else’s phone/laptop/tablet and am horrified at how much shit people tolerate. It immediately reminds me why I have zero regrets. I consider ads to be an encroachment on my mental sovereignty.



Ingenious mechanical ad blocker inspired by BoingBoing


  1. Clearly not compatible with CCS or any extensible changes to the site
  2. Ugly
  3. Difficult to upgrade
  4. Screams, “I’m not a Millennial” and definitely marks me as old
  5. Requires sharp implements which I could better use to blind myself rather than seeing adverts.
  6. Limits viewing area.


  1. BoingBoing gets its advertising revenue, which is why I don’t deploy ad blockers.
  2. Sandbox application is virtually immune to all packing, other than that by knife or scissors.
  3. Inexpensive to make.
  4. Oddly, it works with the touchscreen.
  5. Screams, “I’m not a Millennial” and definitely marks me as old

Like aging, one day you wake up and find some things become a bit easier but something else now doesn’t work the way it used to, requiring a workaround.


Indeed. But I do not have to succumb to Apple’s enforced aging. :wink:


My clickwheel ipod, bricked hackintosh and all their junk-drawer neighbors would disagree but I know what you mean and fully support that idea. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional


I suggest hot glue rather than screws? The ads I get from Boing boing are getting really bad. Pop ups, full screen trash, it’s getting ugly. Sad. I wish it was better


YouTube ads have been absolutely crazy for the past couple months, double ads at the start of most every video, with more ad breaks shoved in the middle and at the end, depending on the lenghth of the video.

And of couse, with the election coming up, almost all the ads are political hit pieces, repeated ad nauseam.


The ads are making me nauseous too

4 Likes anyone? Freestar sticky foot ad stuff? It’s really bad, feels like malware. @pesco does use this software to generate revenue? Have I been pawned?

I had a coworker who implemented a similar solution to cover a digital clock built into his station. When I asked why he covers the clock he replied that having it visible made the day feel longer for him.


I’ve worked in television so my grandparents always go to me to set up their televisions!?


Remember, nauseous is like piteous and not like bilious. Unless that’s what you meant, of course, in which case I have to disagree.

Waiting for a copycat to whine that they destroyed their monitor. Screwing into electronics is not a good idea.

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A sportsball site I frequent has an annoying pop up requesting I turn off ad blocker (cuz they claim they’re ad supported). If you refresh 5x a link appears that allows you to “continue without supporting”. This is still preferable to disabling the ad blocker.