Injecting ink into a fertilized chicken egg yolk reveals beautiful branching arteries


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Dudes, I say this with love: your GIF auto-resizer is broke, HARD.

Compare the lovely with the seizure-inducing (Knowing my luck, BBS will re-parse and ruin those links, but we’ve got one with the “?fit=” parameter and one without)

Worse, it was totally unnecessary in this case, as the source GIF was already the right dimensions.


Huh. So that’s how they make “Blackened Chicken.”


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


This looks like a good middle school science project, assuming you’re a middle schooler with access to fertilized chicken eggs.


How else does one make a big black cock?



But… what about the chickens??? Won’t SOMEONE please THINK OF THE CHICKENS?!?!?


A place near me offers these, but I have never been sure how people eat them. It’s nice to get fresh duck eggs, anyway.



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