Insane video of a paper mill explosion in Maine (no one was hurt!)

What is amazing is how long it took for that pulp to hit the ground. It must have blown a helluva way up


My wife said pretty much the same thing. Of course, I had to correct her. The correct line is “Holy fuck, that blew some wicked high.”


They blew all the way up, and they never came down.

As a bobling, I used to live near Hershey, PA, and while it’s not the worst, the chocolate factory actually doesn’t smell nearly as good as you’d imagine at close range.

The place we lived before that, I was woken up one morning by a nearby gunpowder factory exploding (by “nearby” I mean 8 miles away, and the whole house moved). When I googled it just now I learned that it was the fourth time that same factory had exploded. It’s no longer in business.


Big Banger in Bangor.
Nominative Determinism for the win


I highly recommend watching a video with sound (posted above and in Rob’s duplicate BB post) for color commentary by the drivers.

I just realized these guys are all lined up to deliver trees to the mill.

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During a visit to a friend who lived there, she said there’s two main aromas - chocolate and manure - depending on the direction of the breeze. :chocolate_bar: :cow2:

As far as I could work out, the manure smell is the chocolate – like, above a certain level the sourness dominates and it smells poopy. But I guess it could also be two different competing aromas.

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