Instrumental rock and roll from 1960, Johnny and the Hurricanes' "Beatnik Fly"


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That’s the greatest thing ev …

I mean … So gone. Those are some real swingin’ cats. :smile_cat:


“Beatnik Fly” sounds like the fourth, forgotten member of Digable Planets.


this video is like the best thing I’ve seen all week.


Thank you. I :heartbeat: it so much I could cry. Again.

“…Marcia says it’s too representational.”


That is some kooky crazy hep video…and it totes is the best thing of the day so far.


:slight_smile: I wish Netflix or Joss Whedon or someone would make some episodes.


Here are some of the lyrics of “Beatnik Fly”

When I was young I us’d to wait
On Massa and hand him de plate;
Pass down de bottle when he git dry,
And bresh away de blue tail fly.
Jim crack corn I don’t care,
Jim crack corn I don’t care,
Jim crack corn I don’t care,
Ole Massa gone away.


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