Insult-master Donald Trump shares his craft when asked about "Nimbra" Haley (video)

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“Some people say I’m very good at making up racist nicknames!” is a weird but totally unsurprising flex.


This has NOTHING to do with racism. I have it on very good authority from - checks notes - Nikki Haley that America is not a racist country.

This is just the equivalence of political “locker room talk”.

(/s if that isn’t clear.)


I guess there’s two types of people in the USA: Those who look up to bullies and Trump haters.


The thing is, I’m pretty sure Trump doesn’t know what her name actually is, but he also doesn’t care, nor does he understand nicknames.

It seems pretty clear that “his” successful nicknames for people he actually gets from others, tries them out and then uses the one that gets the best feedback. There’s a lot of flailing involved if no one gives him a good nickname right off the bat. He also doesn’t understand the nicknames either (e.g. “DeSanctus,” though he probably thinks that devastating nickname is why pudding fingers had to drop out). In this case he’s trying to come up with something on his own, flailing, and his mutations of her name are getting more extreme and arbitrary, since he can’t remember what her name actually is - each new “nickname” is a mutation of the previous one.

If he was the sort of person who cared about names (i.e. not a narcissistic sociopath), he’d still get it wrong, deliberately, because racism. Getting a non-Anglo-Christian name correct would be “woke,” so like his fellow white supremacist Republicans, he’s got to performatively get it wrong in a sign of anti-wokeness. If he knew of a racist slur he could make use of in this context, he’d totally do it, but he’s not smart enough to come up with it himself and apparently no one else has offered one either. (as with “Peekaboo” James)


Christ, what a turd blossom.


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Any name is an insult when spoken by such a hateful little man.


He’s really giving his inner racist* a work out these days.

  • it’s exactly the same as his outer racist - only not as orange.

There is a film out there called Art of the Insult which presumably is all about Trump’s genius at making insults. Which adds evidence to the idea that MAGAs’ mental developement arrested sometime in elementary school, since that’s the level of Trump’s insults. The sort of thing a sixth grader might come up with.


merkin von bankrupt never grew beyond the terrible twos.


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