Insurance scam backfires on scammer

My guess is he was a minor.

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This isn’t so much “backfiring” as merely failing. He seems no worse off. Try, try again!

My go to site for researching dashcams is dashcamtalk (dot com), so I’d go there as a sanity check on the other recommendation sites listed above.

I’ve had a Viofo A119 for a while now, though I haven’t really needed its services yet. Seems to be <$100 now w/ GPS.

If it weren’t for the combination of the thicker GPS mount and the aftermarket autodimming rear view mirror, the unit should be low profile enough to fit behind the mirror- one or the other and it’d fit.

Personally, I prefer the wedge shaped cameras that adhere pretty closely to the windshield instead of the rectilinear units that hang from a 1/4" or GoPro camera mount that’s either adhered or suction cupped to the windshield. It makes for a cleaner look, but you can’t swivel the camera around should you want to.

EDIT: Huh, looks like the Amazon reviews are all over the place

Unfortunate interpretation of ‘free enterprise’.

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A minor. If so, that means there’s a fair chance he’ll have many years of stupid ahead of him.

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Man, Russa is really kinda fucked up.

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even if one has, there are quite a few who have not yet!

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Techmoan has reviewed many dashcams. Here is a page on his site and there are also links to his excellent YouTube reviews where you can see examples of them in action and even download the original video files if you want to see them without compression.


A good resource, but be sure to look at the original videos before making any choices, his bar is pretty low.


JFC. I knew he was an ambulance chaser, but this goes beyond that 100%. Can I just say again JFC. Why don’t those trump voters get the lie down with rabies infected rats, wake up with rabies…and fleas thing?


Hi, Mark. My wife and I were in a fatal head-on collision two weeks ago. If there’s any good news, it’s that it was the other guy’s fault. He was arrested for vehicular manslaughter, speeding and DUI (marijuana). And a passenger in his car died. I know you don’t need more comments or testimonials, but I thought I’d add my two cents. We installed a $99 dashcam about a year ago, just because I’m a gadget freak. We had to be cut out of the car using the Jaws of Life. And we have serious injuries including broken necks, broken sternums, other broken bones, lacerations, etc. While we were trapped in the car, I was able to grab the dash cam and handed it to the highway patrol. They were able to recover the video. They told me later that it was a major factor in determining the cause. Very clear evidence. So I’m now on a campaign to convince people of the virtue of spending that $99 now. You never know when it may prove valuable.


Damn - what an awful experience to go through. I hope you and your wife heal well, both physically and emotionally!


They need lessons from Slippin’ Jimmy.


Most of those Russian scammers look drunk or high. Exactly the population most at risk for pedestrian deaths. It’s almost like they are trying to kill themselves but not able to do it. Sad.

I got a dashcam after a previous boingboing story. The hassle in the install is running power, but it’s well worth it. Whenever a car cuts me off and causes a near miss, it just feels good knowing at least I wouldn’t be to blame.

But I would never point out the dashcam during an altercation; if the perp is bold enough to do bad things in public with seeming impunity, there’s little stopping them from stealing the dashcam with the footage. In fact the more stealth the better, partly to keep the dashcam from becoming a theft target, and partially because I probably don’t want it confiscated if I’m in an accident before I can review and download it.

I choose to enable audio recording because it could help ID what was said during an altercation (or law enforcement stop). Also, since license plates are not clearly resolvable unless you are very close, I can call out a license plate to record it before I forget. But it is sort of creepy having every conversation in my car recorded, and I feel obligated (maybe even legally required) to tell passengers, some of whom are uneasy. Probably not a good idea if you occasionally do shady things in the car. I got the biggest memory card so I get about 6 hours of recordings, but in retrospect next time it might be better to just have an hour or two, to reduce the amount of private time that could potentially end up in law enforcement hands.

I’ve practiced a few times turning my car engine off then immediately turning the 12V accessories on, to keep the camera up during a law enforcement stop.

I originally thought it was important to get a camera with rear camera in addition to front, but after messing around I discovered that it’s very hard to get a good image that way because the difference between the darkness in the car and daylight outside messes up the auto exposure systems and you get blown out highlights.

Next task is finding a mount for my cell phone that will position it for recording a law enforcement officer at my window (I avoid window suction cups because I don’t like having any of my view blocked).

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