Intensely dramatic commercial for city council show on public access cable


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Omen V: The Council


Your Corrupt Electioneering Buys You The Whole Seat…

But You’ll Only Need The Edge!!


This summer…
Where the tundra never defrosts…
The city council really heats up!
Bruce Willis.
Rene Russo.
and Brian Dennehy
The Stewards of Whitehorse

This is UTTERLY BRILLIANT. Someone at NorthwestTel TV is insane, in the best possible way. Not only is this funny, it’s tightly edited, too. It’s not just joke-y, it’s good!

I think Pesco has discovered a really, really good community TV station. Here’s their channel on YouTube:

…which is full of- well, just look at this undiscovered diamond with only 165 views:


The only problem with NorthwesTel of course being that they hold a monopoly on 'net access and charge obscene rates, all the while holding the north hostage so that Bell can buy Astral Media and rebuild their monopoly,
… OT sorry. But I get fed up with $300 internet bills for 100gb of traffic.

Yeah, I reckon someone’s taking the piss : )

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