Despite Comcast's "misinformation campaign," Colorodans vote en masse to reject ban on municipal internet


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Eat shit, monopolistic fuckwads.



That’s refreshingly positive.




The thing to realize about Colorado is that we have been inundated with PR cash from the oil and gas industry for years now. Constant ads on TV, radio, in the newspaper, you name it; all claiming the great benefits of fracking for the Colorado economy. They spend MILLIONS every year on this and TENS OF MILLIONS around election time (they donate a lot to “friendly” politicians.) It really hasn’t changed any voters’ minds :wink:

Comcast by comparison are rank amatuers. They think they can waltz in and buy an election in CO with a million or two? Don’t make me laugh!


It’s always funny how these champions of the “free” market are so eager to have bad ol’ government keep them safe from competition.


“…e.g., it will be cheaper to heat your bath when you can simply fill it with cold water and set fire to it, plus several of our executives plan to buy vacation homes in Vail”


I, a Coloradan, have often passed a big pro-fracking billboard that says something along the lines of “I (heart): A hot shower. Natural gas. Fracking.” Basically, “if fracking is so bad, why don’t you take cold showers all the time, you little pissant?” Ham-fisted, pathetic, unsubtle and thuggish.


“If you object to logging, try wiping with plastic toilet paper”


This really needs to grow into a national movement so we can have internet services on a par with the rest of the developed world.


Bravo! However, somehow this thing slithered thru:


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