SEC sues ‘Frack Master’ CEO for spending investor cash on sex workers and strippers


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His “fracking” days are over.


Good. Now he can frack himself.


who dresses this guy?



That’s the American Way!!!


Man…I can act decently well, and even sound smart when I speak.
Perhaps I should consider a career change?


May the fleas of a thousand yaks find their home in this frackers orifices.

Fracking is insane. Fracking needs to stop.


Unfortunately, he is likely to settle out of court, paid with other people’s money of course, and move quietly on to another plush executive position. Our political and legal systems reward corruption while slapping wrists for public display. And even when that happens, it’s one example made of those who flaunt their graft even more than the rest, while a hundred other subtler crooks slither away through the sewers of capital investment and Federal budgets. Con men such as Faulkner are like termites…for every one you find, an army of Faulkners are eating away at other people’s livelihoods. Hell, one of them is the presumptive Republican nominee.


He’ll never work in this field again. If there’s one thing a corporate board can’t conscience; it’s a CEO not getting a volume discount on his sex workers.


Poor little entitled rich boy…I’m sure in his eyes he was worth every cent he spent on himself


Before I even started to read the headline this picture freaked me out. Is it just very heavily retouched? It has some weird uncanny valley shit going on. Like they blended several pictures into one portrait. Creepy.


Story makes me wish there were some sort of hell awaiting this charming fellow, as shame clearly isn’t doing its job.



The stare in that photo says that he’s stolen more than his share of souls. Try not to look straight at it.


Enjoyed reading the bio of Patriot Energy CEO Michael Miller: “Prior to the oil and gas industry, he spent several years in concrete, rebar and steel construction supply, giving him a good understanding of complex above-ground construction that led to his ability to better understand underground oil and gas well construction.”

I have experience eating food therefore i am an expert at making it.


First thing I thought when I saw his photo - Felonious Chipmunk.


$80 million on strippers and stuff? I’m not even mad. That’s amazing!


And let us not lose sight of the fact that when he wasn’t defrauding investors and living the lifestyles of the douche and douchous, he was fucking fracking. Humanity has yet to plumb the depths of “doesn’t give a shit about his fellow man”

ETA: although, the money he was blowing was money that people (mutual funds/401ks aside…) invested in fracking so in a small way, good on him?


I asked him a question at a conference once, suggesting that fracking may benefit from centralised federal oversight. He was very cross and shouted at me for a while. And then complained about the media.

BTW he was the self styled “Frack Master”, no journalist - as far as I can tell - decided to call him that out of the blue. It was PR. Apart from anything else he didn’t really seem to do much actual fracking. He mostly just turned up on the news and spouted opinions.

The problem is that when you need an alternative opinion to Frack Off, or Josh Fox, or whoever, most CEOs were not falling over themselves to speak out. Faulkner was, which meant he got lots of exposure.