Toronto City Council defies mayor, demands open, neutral municipal broadband

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Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have Official titles/jobs like “Mayor” be restricted from making an implication about support/disaproval of a policy/decision unless there is a positive assertion to the fact (City referendum, governing body (like the City council in this case), etc).

Yes the holder of the position can write, but they are not allowed to allude to their position or to sign the letter in their position, or make explicitly clear they write as a privite citizen, and not their job (much like the verbose “The thoughts I write here do not represent my employer” disclaimers).


Wait, I’m confused. Is this a BoingBoing story about a Canadian mayor who ISN’T named Rob Ford?


I had to to read the article twice, as I was convinced “Tory” must be some Ontario-specific reference to Ford’s political affiliations.

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Once a telecoms man, always a telecoms man.

Fuck you John Tory!


The problem for legislators in allowing a monopoly in broadband provision is that they are forced to give the surly teen in their life the service that the monopoly provider provides. There is no campaign contribution big enough to deal with the pain of a teen with slow broadband.

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