How Hamilton, ON's violent "accountability" councilor intimidated a journalist out of City Hall

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As if Hamilton doesn’t have enough to cleanup already; add city hall to the list.

Jesus what a fucking douche-canoe!
In a building full of ass-kayakers.


Is this the link to a corrupt city?


but isn’t a bad place to stop and pee on your way from Buffalo to Toronto…


Hey, Hamilton, Livin’ the Dream.
City Hall , Transparency, no problem.
First hand experience from 5 years ago.
When presented with an opportunity to improve a situation and save the city millions per year…the powers that be chose to stay the course because they were personally getting a few thousand each per year on the side .
Leave it alone they said, there’s a reason we are built around a bay.
That was when Mayor D was convicted of election fraud, too
Say Hi to Public Works and Public Health…That’s public record , Too
Dead Zone

Without following the link, I’m trying to guess whether the guy in the photo is the good-guy intrepid reporter, laughing at the ridiculous corruption because what else can you do, or the a-hole councillor, laughing because he’s a bully and he’s “won” for now. I can see it both ways but I’m leaning towards the latter. The narrowed eyes could go either way–indicative either of a power-mad maniac or a hardened cynic–but it’s the stupid little reptilian tongue peeking through that pushes me over the edge.

[EDIT: just looked again and saw the brown sweater. This changes everything.]

This has been another edition of “you didn’t ask what I’m thinking but I’ma explain it to you anyway.”

Yes, but is Lloyd Ferguson an assistant professor of mass media? No? Sorry, while a much more significant (not to mention actual) first amendment violation, there’s just not enough irony for internet traction. We’re just going to have to let this one slide. Back to work, everyone!

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Thanks for that. Here’s the link to their budget:

Oh SORRY, that’s the link to their “Freedom of Information” page…where you’ll find this:

How do I access records in the custody and control of the City? Call 905-546-2489 to see if you need to complete a formal request. Complete the Access or Correction Request Application (PDF) Submit by mail or in person to the Manager, Records and Freedom of Information. A $5 application fee applies.

And because I’m a juvenile and not prosecutable by your puny maple-syrup-flavored “laws”, I’d like the record to show that the page in question (subtitled “Service at a Glance”) was:


Drove him to the floor? When I was a lad he would have been hanging by his thumbs int he dungeon. A little push is like patty-cake.

You realize that the first amendment stops at the 38th parallel…

oops, I meant the 49th parallel…


Pfft. Next you’re going to claim Canada is it’s own country.


North Dakota may disagree with you on that.

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