Interactive chart compares how many times Kavanaugh dodged questions compared to Ford

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might want to update the story. I’m gonna go on a limb and say the second blue is supposed to be red.

But maybe y’all are trying to expose t3h clint0n liBEral connSPIraCY!! by telling us all the answers are lies and evasions.

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An analysis of the questions asked would be necessary to be able to draw accurate conclusions from this. It’s possible that more leading questions were asked of Kavanaugh than of Ford. In which case we would expect more evasion since those questions cannot be answered directly without conceding to the point to which the question is driving. For example, if you are asked, “when are you going to stop beating your dog?” You cannot answer the question directly without conceding that you do in fact beat your dog. If you don’t beat your dog you have to question the question.

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Most people reviewing this chart also watched the hearings. We know that’s not the case.

Also, Welcome to BoingBoing, comrade. Your “concern” is noted.


And even if we hadn’t, the interactive chart includes the entire transcript so we can evaluate its conclusions on a question by question basis.


Click on the pink and tell us where you find the question was unfair.

Conversely, do the same on the blue on her side.

Honestly, I bet one can find a couple examples where its a bit grey and you could say a question was or wasn’t answered to satisfaction. But having listened to most of it as it happened, he deflected A LOT more.


Fixed. Thank you!


Thank goodness someone is looking out for the interests of a rich, powerful, entitled, privileged white male.

I mean, aside from the president. And McConnell. And the GOP. And…


I want this technology deployed for every press conference Q&A ever, please.

One enhancement to the infographic would be add a color for when a witness insulted a Senator or their appointed inquisitor spokesperson. Yellow would be a good color, you know, for cowardice.

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