Interactive map of every Quantum Leap series jump


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Every jump?


Say “No!” to Space Nazis.


But still there is no list of all the freeways driven on by Hardcastle & McCormick. :disappointed_relieved:


Dean Stockwell is a really under-rated actor.




Kind of reminds me of Rachel Luttrell’s “curious dog” head-tilt in Stargate:Atlantis. But then Shepard had pointy ears like an Alsatian, Ronon was a faithful hound and Rodney looked like a pug and dammit they’re all dogs and now I can’t watch that show.


You know, I never got around to Stargate (which apparently Jason Momoa was in one of the shows, and of course MacGuyver, too). I have been watching Enterprise, though.

So what kind of dog would Trip be?




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