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“If the only tool you have is a stew pot, you tend to see every problem as feral chickens?”


man, the struggle is real and these %@#&$ birds are too scrawny to eat!


Some assisted living places put a fake bus stop with bench near their front door so that if someone does get out, they often just sit down to wait for the bus.

I wonder how well that will continue to work, now that most people (at least in the States) are used to cars rather than waiting for public transportation?


I often see alerts for missing seniors on FB that start out with dementia, getting cigarettes and driving alone. Why don’t these three things belong together?


I don’t know many elderly people with dementia who have gone missing driving their cars. Generally, when families realize/accept the symptoms of the disease, they end up hiding the vehicle keys. Many people hide their house keys, but it is impossible to maintain total vigilance. Many seniors manager escaping, because even with damaged cognitive processes, they still manage to do some tasks or even going for a walk.

The other day a family I didn’t know was desperately looking for their grandfather who ran away when a delivery man left the front door open.

Luckily he was found in a neighboring town where he worked as a young man. As he still retained the memory of past decades, He took a bus with His sênior Citizen Card, but he ended up lost, as the city have changed a lot. luckily he returned to the bus station in the city center where he was found late at night.

Another family I casually met in downtown made an A4 placard with the name of the patient, some Cell Phone Numbers, the name of His children and an address to take Him If someome find Him walking alone. They made a collar and hung It in the old Man’s neck.

From what I’ve seen, the biggest problem families face when their parents and grandparents are diagnosed with dementia is the lack of a support network. We don’t have many specialist doctors like geriatricians, community centers for the elderly, and even information is still scarce. We are still not prepared for the aging of the population and the increase in people with dementia.

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This makes me nervous:

While further work is needed to understand how it might work on people, they suggest that it could be used when people have experienced acute emergencies or severe disease, for instance. If someone is in a car accident, for instance, they could essentially be put on ice until their organs are used for transplantation, for instance.

May this never wind up in the hands of LEOs. :crossed_fingers:t4: :grimacing:


Well I certainly can’t see how that could go badly…


Also, “frightening stories.” But this is a good snapshot of what’s happening in parts of the Christian right.

[Parents] Aaron and Christina had never attended school when they were children. Until a few days earlier, when Round Hill Elementary held a back-to-school open house, they had rarely set foot inside a school building. Both had been raised to believe that public schools were tools of a demonic social order, government “indoctrination camps” devoted to the propagation of lies and the subversion of Christian families.

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I was never really a fan of the White Stripes, but this is a great read. Hints of Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, but with more misogyny (I think, it’s been a while since I read the Frank Sinatra story).

I’m also shocked to hear that Elephant is 20 years old this year.

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Me neither…

Wait… they’ve been nominated for the R-n-R Hall of Fame?

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From the Inky:

Includes many pics of collection; in case people want to avoid.


Easy to avoid with that paywall.

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I was there about a half a year ago now, and they take this stuff very seriously. At one point a docent announced so loudly he could be heard in every corner of the museum (yay for a central staircase) that photography of any kind was not allowed so phones needed to stay in a pocket/bag while in the exhibits. Then, the reminder that these were human beings and we must respect their ongoing dignity.

I didn’t see the incident that caused the immediate call-out, but it was clear something had just happened and they do not mess around about it.