Interview with Dark Fusion Metal Belly dancer Diana Bastet

Originally published at: Interview with Dark Fusion Metal Belly dancer Diana Bastet | Boing Boing


Thanks for sharing. I discovered her years ago via her interpretation of Thunderstruck


I like the music.
I like the dancer.

Maybe I’ll do a deep dive on this one.

Sorry, joking.
I thought of the joke before reading the interview.
Now I admire her more and joke about her less.

I think she’s great.

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This is like when they started putting salt on chocolate and caramel.
So right, I can’t believe it took the world this long to recognize a match made in heav … errrr; you get my drift.

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Excellent find.

Here’s a belly dancing act from ~1980 that has really stuck with me:


That pentagram earing might make me think she’s a satanist except I just watched over an hour of expert info on that topic and it didn’t mention belly dancing once.


Nice! Ratamahatta was a bit too metal for me, music wise; Angry Darbuka is much more to my taste - but I love her moves, her costume choices, and especially her energy!

I can see in the video what she means when she says:

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