Interview with Lucius Shepard


Kalimantan is one of my favorite books. He strikes me as a kind of like PKD: obscure while he was alive, but destined to be considered a literary great in thirty years.

I read BoingBoing every day and have for years. This may be my 2nd or 3rd comment and I really hate my reason especially on this type of post but…

“back in 20095” I’m thinking 2009 but could be 1995.

Nah, 20095, he was a time traveler mate.

Lucius Shepard is the only author aside from Thomas Disch whose works I’ve bought at secondhand stores whenever I’ve seen them, regardless of my financial situation, just to pass them on to the uninitiated. The Nabokov of Weird Fiction, he was! Miss losing myself in his worlds already.

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