Interview with Prince Ea

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It is nice to see Jane contributing more here, and not just in Mark’s stories. But the repeated mention of a specific DNA test company, of which there are several, makes Prince Ea’s video feel more like an ad than the profound and worthy statement it should otherwise be.


That’s because it’s an ad. Or a “paid underwriting” or whatever the kids call it.

I can’t stand this man’s videos. Just something about his tone/speaking voice etc comes across as patronizing and shilling. Some of the videos also come across as tone deaf. I guess I just intensely dislike anything where people speak with an utter conviction and belief in what they’re saying while telling you what you need to do. I find David Avacado wolf annoying in a similar but more bat shiat insane way.

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His video on depression is beyond tone deaf. It’s offensive and dangerous. I can’t stand this guy.

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Did anybody else, on first read, confuse the name for “Captain Eo” and get excited?

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