Interview with Sol Yurick, author of The Warriors


It’s worth noting that the “Ultimate Director’s Cut” of The Warriors has actually gotten quite bad reviews; almost all of the five-star reviews that I skimmed don’t seem to acknowledge that it’s not the original cut of the film. Weirdly enough, Amazon Prime has the original cut on their streaming service. I watched it recently and it’s great. (The book, which I read some time ago (not long after the movie came out, actually) is also good, but substantially different from the movie.)

That was a great interview and terrific read. Yurick certainly is long winded and an insightful sociologist. His idea of Malaputa is hilariously frightening. I had never realized the concept behind the pretence of The Warriors street gangs battling, Yurick’s summary is chilling and the man is deep with conception.

Crosses Dick Francis off list of Christmas present books too buy.

Can you dig it!

I actually didn’t have any problem with the Director’s Cut. I like the comic book cut scenes. And when you hear Walter Hill explaining that he wanted them in the original cut and why (as well as why it didn’t happen) it ads another layer to a movie I already loved.

It’s also worth reading the original - Xenophon’s Anabasis.

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