Interview with the Clicky Keyboards guy

For years I longed for a clicky keyboard. I remember I used to have one, back in the day. Upon reflection it was probably a Model M.

Last year I bought a Ducky G2 Pro, blue Cherry switches. Best purchase I’ve made in the last few years.

Fuck clicky keyboards. So. Hard. The only, and I mean only keyboard is the buttery smooth MSFT ergonomic keyboard. Heathens.

Eta: no, seriously. This is not a joke!!

You curl your fingers kind of like a claw, drop your shoulders, and each finger precisely goes down at the knuckle with your finger joints adjusting so the push is vertical.

You don’t need a damn click to know when your stroke is done, memorize your damn board and your hands!

(Wipes brow, yes I am panting)

I loved the previous version with the full sized Fkeys and I really really hate the vertical pg up/down and arrow key layout on those.
I have had good experience with the membrane keyboards barring water mishaps. I wish they still made the comfort curve 2000 though as I really don’t like the new trend of tiny Fkeys.

You are apparently not haptic enough. The acoustic click does not matter, it is just an artifact of the mechanics. The feeling of the click is what is important. The non-clicky keyboards feel like typing on mud or rubber. Bleh.

Try with headphones with music on full blast, and the difference is still there.

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I am a weirdo, I admit that. But I play suckers like these. There is no haptic feedback. You measure, in your head, the distance your finger needs to travel.

Ironically harpsichords have haptic feedback, since they pluck and don’t hammer or open/close a valve.

Rotary valves also have no haptic feedback.

Clicky keyboard enthusiasts are wusses >:)

All the examples you mentioned however have a pretty good acoustic feedback. :stuck_out_tongue:

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…aren’t they blowers, rather than suckers?


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