Interview with the founders of io9


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My favourite place to visit (after Boing Boing of course !)


I was (wonderfully) surprised to see herAnnalee get picked up by Conde-Nast after the Gawker meltdown. Readers at ArsTechnica are still getting used to her (hmm, that’s being polite), but there’s been good support as well. So happy she landed on her feet!


the domain was heavily penalized by google due to prior use for porn…

Because when I think porn, what springs to mind is… io9?


10-second wonder is probably in and out 9 times, seems legit!


we all have our own position on porn.


Now living in New Zealand, I just get redirected to Gizmodo AU. I can’t even log into Kinja right now! Not that the site is what it used to be but it would be nice to be able to at least check in now and then. I miss those guys.


Enjoy it while you can. Peter Thiel is coming!


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