Intrepid TV reporter Gustavo Almadovar, signing off


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I found this arousing.


The sheer angloness of how he pronounces his full name makes me die a bit inside.

Goose-Tavo Almo-Doe-Var


I don’t know about Gustavo, but there is generally an accent over the second o in Almodòvar, correct? Its that Valley Speak lift at the end that gets me.


There’s a tacit (or implicit) accent in Gustavo over the A. I don’t think i’ve ever heard that last name before so i can’t say for certain where the accent would be but i presume you are correct that it’s in the second O.

What gets me is his head tilt and facial expression lol.


You really should give him a try.





I have seen this before… somewhere. I would have bet it was here.


Seems really really familiar to me too, can’t tell if i saw it here or on Failblog. I’m inclined to say i saw it here before.


Gustavo who?
Plot twist: Almodovar.


That is, hands down, THE best rap/hip hop video I have evah seen!!


I like this remix better from 2012 (mainly 'cause I made it lol)


That head jerk movement is actually caused by Almadovar getting ghost-slapped by angry ancestors every time he mispronounces the family name.


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