Investigating nozzle-wear in 3D printers (with excellent cross-sections!)

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Man, I love cross-sections.

Now you’re talking.


Reading nozzle wear in the title made me think of something entirely different.



What I would like to know is what’s a better donation to a library’s 3d printing program- a bag of new inexpensive brass print nozzles, or on or two more expensive and durable ones?

The big bag of standard cheapos. For one thing, even the expensive hard-metal ones can clog up and that’s a royal pain to clean out. Far better to use 'em and dump 'em. Plus if the library’s users are reasonably savvy, they’ll want a wide range of nozzle diameters to swap in for different projects & different material types.

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Interesting. I would tend to think the opposite but I assume lack of maintenance to be the norm. My local library doesn’t have a 3D printer so I really have no basis for my prejudice.

I’ve had no clogging with this (primarily PET-G)…

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The nozzle on my Prusa has had a little clogging, mostly with cheapo PLA filament. Hatchbox filament has given it no problems. But I’m told that their cool-looking ‘wood’ filament (which has actual wood pulp in it for neat textures) causes lots of wear really fast.

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